• Lease Regear - Lexus, Leicester
  • Rent Review - Ford, Brentwood
  • Valuation - Audi, Solihull
  • Rent Review - Renault & Mazda, Milton Keynes
  • Valuation - Nissan, Basingstoke
  • Valuation - Hyundai, Northampton
  • Valuation - Nissan, Aldershot
  • Valuation - Nissan, Stockport
  • Rent Review - Motorpoint, Glasgow
  • Rent Review - CarShop, Norwich
  • Rent Review – Banstead, BMW
  • Rent Review – Ashton under Lyne, Ford
  • Rent Review – Ford, Byfleet
  • Rent Review – Nissan, Hanwell
  • Valuation – Nissan, Coventry
  • Rent Review – Portsmouth, Porsche

APC is skilled in providing bespoke advice in all these areas covering a wide range of properties

Rent Reviews

There are now signs of a return to modest rental growth for manufacturer compliant dealerships. As a result of sale and leasebacks there is now an increase in the number of leased premises, albeit many leased with rents linked to inflation rather than just market rent. This has created a need for informed specialist motor retail rent review advice resolving the differing of landlord’s and tenant’s.


APC provides a range of motor retail valuation services for acquisition and company accounts purposes, including portfolio valuation and desktop exercises to quickly determine an indicative value for a range of reasons including corporate acquisition, individual sale or disposals, and company re-structurin.

Lease Terms

Improvements in the property market has seen substantial Capital Value recovery over recent years and this coupled with where there are unexpired lease lengths of 10 years or less. There is an opportunity now to re-structure leases offering equal benefit to both landlord and tenant through reduced rents and longer lease terms, often with a more certain inflation linked rental arrangement. We are already providing rental and lease terms advice on such "lease re-gears"